Welcome to FSSync (updated: 03/25/09, fixed update to 1.300.219)

[Check here for known Issues]

Notice (12/18/2008, edited 03/09/2009): Most tasks were changed to support Unicode: Previous versions (all including 1.2xx) did NOT support unicode filenames at all. Regarding unicode there won't be any changes to GUI, primary goal is to enable tasks to process files/folders containing unicode characters.Latest update supports unicode in selections.

FSSync is a little windows program written and used by myself in a mixed Windows/NetWare environment, from history it's primary task is to perform file copy operations. It can be used within a single workstation too.
I have added and will continue adding features I need for myself, of course any suggestions are welcome.

Basic Functions:

  • Copy files:
  • Delete Files
  • NetWare purge
  • Analyze (Trustees/IRM, statistics by size, age etc.)
  • Delete files


  • Filters: file names, directory names, file attributes, file age (deleted time for purge)
  • Subfolder level option: process all subfolders, none or only down to a specified level
  • Job scheduler queue for unattended operations, scheduled jobs can be forced to run immediately, job chaining without changing anything in schedule
  • Up to 8 tasks can run parallel
  • SMTP notification
  • Templates: use predefined settings
  • Source Macros: make distributions to multiple targets easier and more efficient
  • Trigger Jobs: can be used to start multiple jobs by job chaining


  • If Novell Client for Windows (TM) is used: 4.91SP4 or higher is recommended (the client IS required if you want to perform tasks specific to NetWare)


  • Download the Updater and extract to a folder you want the program to reside
  • Execute the Updater to download the latest available version and supporting files


  • The program and related subfolders can be deleted, no entries are made to registry or somewhere else in file system

    Known Issues:

  • (fixed) Possible External Exception at startup if one view contains a drive without media (seen @W2K3 server), workaround: Change sourcepath/Wsourcepath and targetpath/Wtargetpath in FSSYNC.FSJ, change views to non-removable media before closing the program
  • Novell specific function's don't work with logical names (fqdn of volumes, directory mappings, DFS junctions), mapped drives and UNC are supported
  • Functionality is limited to the restrictions of the operating system and client software, this is especially true for the path' and filename's maximum length

    Some general notes on how I use it for myself:

  • For most tasks I use a dedicated workstation (some kind of Windows XP SP2 in a VM) to have the jobs running unattended, mail options are setup to sent information as needed.
  • Purge operations: Instead of using default purge routines (incl. those provided by TOOLBOX) I use a more selective way to keep deletes files. Example: Our user profiles are stored inside user's home directories, I don't want to have set it to immediate purge (even this can't be setup easily) but don't want to keep lots of deleted data (filling up the free space in a pool shared by different volumes)... So I use a cleanup job to purge files from profile directories only, keeping a few... the filter template is included in downloads.
  • Source Macro: To keep a few programs across the network up to date I just switched to use this new feature, one advantage is to have the same source settings (path and filters) for all targets. The second one: The macro definition contains information about source changes, it will be updated by all jobs using the macro. Other (later running) jobs will use this info, if source didn't change since last successful update they won't perform any operation (just telling 0 file(s)).

    FSSync - Updates
  • fix: Delayed load of views during start to prevent external exceptions caused by invalid drives
  • fix: Processing of selected Unicode folder-/filenames supported (error 2) (fixed error 2 if a selected folder had unicode)
  • fix: Bidirectional copies with selection caused errors (error 2, reading directory)
  • Download
  • fix: Unicode folder-/filenames supported (errors 2/3) by tasks (not GUI)
  • fix: Purge will continue after 100 errors but will stop logging errors instead (actually errors are still reported but without details, will be fixed)
  • new: Directory Trustee/IRM Report added to Analyze (selectable)
  • fix: In some cases deleted directories weren't removed by MIRROR (directory only, causing error message)
  • new: added HTML-Output for Analyze
  • fix: file owner copy code fixed (errors 899B)
  • new: option to use "copy file owner" during copy when source and target are the same
  • new: Online Updater for initial install and update
  • new: Novell NSS file owners can be copied within the same tree (not tested with 2 trees but same structure/objects would be required)
  • fix: various fixes
  • new: NUL: can be used (e.g. to discard writes while doing a complete read operation)
  • new: schedule expanded to allow start of other jobs after success
  • fix: Copy with mirror didn't remove empty folders at first level
  • fix: Silenced system messages about missing removable media
  • fix: changed "recursive check" (some copy operations were rejected without need)
  • Download
  • CHANGE: file filter matching changed: It's now possible to use multiple wildcards (like *reports*.txt) This might affect filters like *.doc*: Now even myfile.doc.exe matches the filter!
  • fix: purge won't terminated the entire job after entering a problem with a single folder (e.g. codepage problems)
  • new: program tries to workaround very long directory names when possible
  • N/A
  • fix: file filter processing matched longer extensions (*.htm also matched files with .html), this has been fixed
  • new: delete: delete files selected by filters, followed by optional purge
  • new, fix: created folders on novell volumes will get the source folder's timestamp
  • N/A
  • new: resume copy operation in last know path and/or resume last file copy after termination
  • new: new, fix: added "run once" to schedules, time display changed for unscheduled jobs
  • N/A
  • fix: different minor fixes
  • new: NWFileServerCopy will be used for copy inside the same NW server (see changes.txt)
  • N/A
  • change: log output changed, small changes to mail attachments
  • new: analyze reports avarage/smallest/largest filesizes per reported folder
  • N/A
  • new: terminated copy jobs will try to continue in the folder used during termination
  • fix: if a temporary file exists in target it will be deleted now rather than skipping the following files in this folder
  • fix: reload of directory views will keep the selections made (when possible)
  • updated: helpfile
  • N/A
  • fix: source macros with multiple folders
  • changed: hexadecimal ID in log filenames
  • N/A
  • new: source macros
  • minor fixes
  • N/A
    04/24/20061.001.006 (available) N/A
  • log fix
  • copy non-default IRMs with trustees
  • N/A
  • utilization fix
  • copy folder trustees
  • N/A
    04/06/20060.844.003 1st release N/A